Creamy Taco Soup🥣

Creamy Taco Soup🥣

1to 1 1/2 lbs ground beef
1 onion diced
1 bell pepper diced(I used orange)
2-3 cloves minced garlic
1 can of Rotel
8 oz cream cheese
3/4c heavy cream
2 tbs taco seasoning
2 c beef broth
2 c Diced mushrooms
Salt & pepper to taste
Brown ground beef, onion, peppers and garlic.
Drain well.
In a pot add broth and cream cheese.
Bring to a boil.
Add in meat mixture, taco seasoning, rotel, heavy cream, mushrooms
Salt & pepper to taste
Mix well and simmer for about 30 minutes!
Serve topped with your favorite toppings!
Sour cream, cheese, avocado or jalapeño!


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