Low carb green been casserole and “fried” chicken tenders.

Low carb green been casserole and “fried” chicken tenders.

For the chicken:
I crushed up louisanna hot pork rinds in a ziplock bag, put in wet chicken, and shook the mess out of it.
Then I put it in the air fryer for 10 min at 380 and flipped it at 5m

For the green bean casserole:
I couldn’t find an exact recipe i liked so I’m sorry I don’t have measurements.

Put 1 can cut green beans in a baking dish

In a bowl I mixed (1/4c maybe?) of heavy whipping cream, (maybe 2oz) of soften cream cheese, (1/4c ??) shredded cheddar, some minced onion, and some bacon bits. Pour it over the green beans.

Cook at 350 for about 30 min (I guess) or until green beans get as tender as you want them. Pull out and pour crushed pork rinds on top. Bake for another few min or turn oven up to cook quicker.

I did make a little dipping sauce for my chicken using Heinz sugar free ketchup and sriracha chili sauce.

I’ll be having this regularly🤤


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