Keto Mango Margarita

Keto Mango Margarita

Skinny Mango Margarita

Going keto doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy sipping a margarita on the porch! If you like my original Keto Margarita, you’ve got to try this version using just enough fresh (or frozen) mango for a fun summer twist! This drink is low carb, low calorie and has no added sugars, making it a great skinny drink option. This smooth, sweet low carb drink is so good, you’ll make it again and again!

There’s no margarita mix, erythritol, or sucralose in this keto cocktail, so there are no sugar alcohols. There is also no aftertaste and no cooling effect- this low carb cocktail tastes just like a restaurant margarita! There is also no triple sec, but you can add an orange flavored soda water for a sparkling margarita, just in time for summer!

This keto margarita can be easily doubled or tripled for your next pool get together, beach day or a party! All of your friends and family are going to be begging you for the recipe. The sweet mango and monk fruit are the perfect contrast to the tequila and lime juice for a beautifully balanced drink! Feel free to blend with ice to make a skinny frozen margarita!

Mango Margarita recipe

As always, here is a quick overview of the ingredients used in our keto Mango Margarita. For the complete recipe, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Tequila – Silver tequila is best for margaritas
  • Lime juice – freshly squeezed or bottled is fine
  • Simple syrup – I made a keto simple syrup using Organic Monk Fruit Liquid Sweetener mixed in water
  • Ice – You’ll need some for the shaker and some for the glass (whether you’re serving on the rocks or blended frozen)
  • Mango – This can be fresh or frozen.
  • Orange sparkling water/soda water – This is optional, mainly used to add that citrus flavor a normal margarita gets from triple sec. Can be left out or replaced with lime or plain sparkling water.
  • Garnish- salt, additional lime wedges or a mixture of monkfruit and salt would all work well

This beautiful Mango Margarita is keto friendly and perfect for a hot summer day! Low carb, low calorie, and no added sugar -- Just 3.4 net carbs!

How to make a keto margarita

This keto cocktail is so simple to make and comes together quickly! First wet the rim (I like to use a lime wedge for this) and dip the outside edges of the rim in your salt. If serving on the rocks, add your ice.

Next, add your mango, tequila, simple syrup, and lime juice to your blender. If serving these margaritas frozen, add your ice as well. Blend until well incorporated. Pour into your prepared glass and top with orange sparkling water if you choose.

Sugar Free Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is usually a 1:1 mixture of sugar and water. Using sugar substitutes can be tricky as some have side effects, some don’t dissolve very well, and some can be expensive. Using the Monk Fruit Liquid by Now Foods is the best product I’ve used for this simple syrup.

This monkfruit is 0-calorie, 0-carb and 0-sugar, making it perfect for a keto diet. I also have not experienced a cooling effect or aftertaste.  You only need 1 tablespoon for just over a cup of simple syrup, so a small 2 ounce bottle is enough about 4.5 cups of simple syrup (or over 60 margaritas)!

You can try this method with other liquid sweeteners, but be aware that not all liquid sweeteners have the same level of sweetness. Depending on the brand, you may need a little more or a little less — You may want to try adding 1 teaspoon at a time until you reach a reasonable level of sweetness for your syrup.

This beautiful Mango Margarita is keto friendly and perfect for a hot summer day! Low carb, low calorie, and no added sugar -- Just 3.4 net carbs!

How to store homemade simple syrup

This sugar free syrup can be stored in the fridge for several months. Before you use it, just give it a good shake to be sure everything is mixed well.


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