Try Keto-Friendly Meal Delivery Today! Candace Lost 135 Pounds with this Best Keto Meal Plan

Try Keto-Friendly Meal Delivery Today! Candace Lost 135 Pounds with this Best Keto Meal Plan

The best keto meal delivery service depends on your dietary needs and other factors. These options may include low-calorie, gluten-free, or paleo meals, and fresh or frozen meals.

How we chose the best keto meal delivery

To assemble this list of keto meal delivery services, Healthline used the following criteria:

  • Keto-friendly options: We included services that are entirely keto-friendly, as well as ones with dedicated keto-friendly meal plans or filters.
  • Cost: We analyzed how expensive each service’s servings are. We also looked at each brand’s shipping and delivery prices.
  • Customization: We looked for services that accommodated different lifestyles and dietary needs to give people the most variety and flexibility.
  • Ingredient quality: We looked at where meal delivery services source their ingredients and what the quality of those ingredients is. For instance, we kept an eye out for companies that use some or all organic ingredients.
  • Nutritional information: We included examples of nutritional information for popular meals from each delivery service that was accurate at the time of publication. It’s always important to double-check the label because companies can tweak the recipes.
  • Quality and safety standards: All the services on our list are in compliance with USDA and FDA food safety and manufacturing regulations, use a trusted shipper to handle its food products, and list all ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts on its website or product packaging.
  • Vetting: The services on our list have been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being.



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