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Keto Modak | Keto Sweet Dumplings | Ganesh Chaturthi Special Sweet.

Modak are sweet dumplings offered to Lord Ganesha as prasad . There are various ways to make modaks and I will show you a very easy recipe modak with keto twist.

I have used market bought paneer/ Cottage Cheese for this recipe , but please ensure that it is reasonably fresh and soft.

[Tip:: In order to make fresh Cottage cheese at home , You may make it by boiling milk, adding lemon juice and letting it boil for some time before the curds separate from then whey. We then filter out the whey before setting the curds and converting it into cottage cheese.]

Our Ingredients are

Cottage Cheese / Paneer. 100 gms
Dessicated Coconut. 80 gms
Coarse Ground Almonds. 10 gms
Artificial sweetener Few drops
Melted Dark Chocolate. 70 gms
( I have melted my dark chocolate along with some sweetner in microwave)

Net Carbs

Paneer. 2 gms
Dessicated Chocolate . 7 gms
Coarse Ground Almonds. 0.5 gms
Dark Chocolate 5 gms

Total Net Carbs – 16.5 gms
Total piece. = 10 pieces

Net Carbs per piece – 1.65 gms

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