4 ingredient tortilla pizzas

4 ingredient tortilla pizzas

These 4 ingredient tortilla pizzas are a staple in our house! Super quick and easy!

-Mission carb balance tortilla

-Pizza sauce (preferably low sugar – we use great value or Raos)

-Shredded Mozzarella cheese

-Toppings of choice (you can do all kinds of meats and/or veggies)

We make them in our air fryer/toaster oven

-Bake tortilla at 400 for 3 minutes (this is KEY for us – keeps them from getting soggy)

-Remove from oven


-Assemble pizza – Add a couple tbsp of sauce, cheese, and your toppings

-Bake pizza at 400 for another 3 minutes

Slice & enjoy.

We usually eat 2 pizzas per meal when using the “fajita size” (medium size) carb balance tortillas.


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